Technical info

I code this entire site from scratch, save some libraries. View the S3P entry on the Computing page for further info.

Works integrated

Most libraries, scripts, &c. used on this site are duly credited in source; works for which I’m either technically incapable of crediting or which I have integrated into closed-source portions of this website are listed below.

Icons & images

  • KDE3 Locolor icons — Used for most icons on auto-generated directory listings
  • XFE default icons (Roland Baudin) — Used for some icons on auto-generated directory listings
  • Browser Logos (Cătălin Mariș) — A huge collection of web browser icons


Pages showing up wonky on your screen or in your browser? Don’t blame me; the site’s entirely standards-conforming and will show up perfectly in any HTML5-compatible standards-conforming browser. (Till May 2019, it was HTML 4.01, but I gave up on that.)