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I host a small, casual “me and the boys” sorta Minecraft server ’cause why not. Here you’ll find some various info regarding said server, such as a list of plugins and how to join.

The server runs using Purpur, a specialised Minecraft server program which allows server-side plugins to add some extra functionality for the player, such as /homes, grief rollback, and private messaging. No client-side modification required. Help with plugins and some server-specific tips can be found by typing /help in-game.

If you’d like to join, the address is, version 1.19 or later. Also, make sure to familiar yourself with the rules before playing.

Bedrock Edition players can connect using the Geyser proxy at the address listed above, but at port 19674. If you also play on Java Edition, you can link your accounts and synchronise your inventory, homes, experience and so forth. Console players: consider using Phantom.

Changes to the server and related infrastructure can be found on the Sterlcraft feed.

Current server status: Online(Refresh)


Most of these are common sense, but here nonetheless just to be safe.

General rules

  1. Don’t invite your Uncle Bob’s friend’s dog’s mom’s owner’s ex-wife Jane onto the server. In other words, the server’s mainly meant for friends of the owner and friends of the owner’s friends. The occasional exception is fine, but just be careful so I don’t have to make this rule more strict.
  2. Disable client-side mods before joining. Cosmetic enhancements such as OptiFine or even minimaps are fine, but anything that gives you an unfair advantage (e.g. X-ray mods) is strictly prohibited. Being caught using cheats will result in immediate corrective action.
  3. Make your builds somewhat structurally realistic. I won’t really enforce this rule per se, but I do reserve the right to, say, add regularly spaced abutments to your 480m-long hovering cobblestone bridge.


  1. Respect fellow players. Lighthearted jokes and moderate profanity are par for the course on this server. However, targeting someone and/or being purposefully offensive is quite obviously looked down upon. Excessive or any misconduct may result in corrective action.
  2. Don’t grief. By default, world protection is disabled and PVP enabled. However, intentionally damaging a player’s build, killing their pets, &c. will result in immediate corrective action. (The exception is if both parties agree to wage a “war” for whatever reason.)
  3. Don’t spam. This shouldn’t really need any explanation.

Server preservation

  1. Don’t cause lag. All high-frequency Redstone clocks or Hopper builds must have an off-switch or other means of disabling. Anything of the sort found running unattended on the server may be removed or disabled without warning. Additionally, players who create builds with the intent to lag and/or crash the server will be banned.
  2. Keep big mob grinders away from multi-player settlements. I won’t get into the technical details here, but keep your mob grinders far away from Spawn or any towns so that players who wish to interact with mobs normally can do so.


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